Born in Canada in 1977, Bubblegummers emerged from a popular comic strip, and transformed into a cherished children’s footwear brand. With products tailored for playful adventures, Bubblegummers supports the growth of happy kids everywhere.

With a delightful range of styles and colors, including light-up features and bubblegum-scented options, Bubblegummers has something for every young adventurer. These beloved shoes combine fashion and support, cherished by generations of kids. 

Bubblegummers are crafted for growing feet and designed with colour and fun in mind. They feature non-slip soles – some with light-ups – plus breathable materials, elasticated laces and adjustable Velcro straps. And the best part? There’s a signature bubblegum
scent infused into every pair!


Amy is a happy girl who's always smiling. She wears comfortable
shoes and clothing and a hairband to ensure she can play freely. She is a curious and ingenious girl who loves blowing bubbles!


Cat is a playful, energetic and mischievous friend to Amy and Tim. He is fiercely loyal and will never leave them in danger, although he is easily scared.


Tim is an intrepid explorer, although he can be very na'ive at times. He is a brave boy and loves extreme sports that his Bubblegummers products help him to do easily. He loves to play tricks on his friends.