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Airgames Black Velcro Tab Joggers

Airgames Black Velcro Tab Joggers

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Introducing the Bubblegummers Airgames Velcro Tab – a delightful blend of comfort, durability, and ease, designed to keep your little ones active and happy!
Comfort is at the heart of these shoes. With a specially designed EVA and TPR sole unit, your child's every step is cushioned for all-day comfort. Whether they're running, jumping, or just exploring, these shoes will keep their feet smiling.

The Bubblegummers Airgames Velcro Tab boasts a breathable mesh upper, ensuring that little feet stay fresh even during the most active play. No more worrying about sweaty or uncomfortable feet – Bubblegummers has you covered.

Getting ready for an adventure has never been easier with the convenient Velcro tab. Little hands can handle it effortlessly, meaning no more struggling with laces or tricky buckles. Just strap in and let the fun begin!

Bubblegummers is known worldwide for its dedication to creating footwear that reflects the vibrant and playful nature of children. The Airgames Velcro Tab is no exception, offering a stylish design that kids will love to show off. And, as an added bonus, they even smell delightful, just like bubble gum!

Join the Bubblegummers family today and give your child the gift of comfort, durability, and style with the Airgames Velcro Tab. Whether it's playdates, sports, or family outings, these shoes will be there to support your child every step of the way. Discover the world of Bubblegummers and let your child's adventures take flight


- Mesh Upper
- Eva & TPR Sole Unit
- Velcro Strap


- Underfoot Comfort
- Breathable Upper
- Bubblegum Scent

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