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Connie Black Lace Up School Shoes

Connie Black Lace Up School Shoes

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Step into sophistication with the Bubblegummers Connie Black Lace-Up, a contemporary rendition of the timeless lace-up design tailored for the discerning young student. This shoe seamlessly blends traditional charm with modern functionality, ensuring your child stands out with grace and confidence.

The Connie Black Lace-Up boasts a sleek and refined silhouette, embodying the classic lace-up aesthetic while ensuring a snug and adjustable fit. The lace-up feature not only adds a touch of maturity to the design but also offers customizable comfort, adapting effortlessly to the unique contours of each foot.

Beyond its captivating appearance, the Connie Black Lace-Up priorities comfort and functionality. The shoe's specially crafted footbed provides optimal cushioning, ensuring sustained comfort during those long school hours. Complemented by the TPR outsole, it offers durability and superior grip, making it a reliable companion for various school activities.

Craftsmanship is evident in every detail of the Connie Black Lace-Up. The leather upper exudes quality and resilience, ensuring the shoe remains a steadfast companion throughout the academic year and beyond. Furthermore, with the integration of Life Natural Antibacterial technology, freshness is guaranteed, ensuring feet remain comfortable and odour-free.

In summary, the Bubblegummers Connie Black Lace-Up is more than just a school shoe; it's a testament to style, comfort, and durability. Elevate your child's school ensemble with a shoe that encapsulates sophistication and practicality.


- Leather Upper
- TPR Outsole


- Lace Up Fastening
- Underfoot Cushioning
- Life Natural Antibacterial Technology
- Bubblegum Scent

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